Mack Mama “Tales of the Orginal Bad Girl” Autobiography

“I wrote my autobiography in hopes of reaching some wild teen that may be going through what I went through….
I tell my story not to glorify my transgressions but to discourage the youth of today that may identify with my situation not to go down the same road I took to my destruction…
…If my story can help save a life then I am willing to bare my soul….. I tell my story through music that’s why it was important to include the soundtrack with my book…
I want my memoirs to be used as a case study to hopefully fix and understand the social problems that plague many youths growing up in urban cities around the world.

My music and my story is my testimony listen to me and read with an open mind and heart. This is the story of the person behind Mack Mama the entertainer this is the story of Natoka Dora Williams.”

The eBook download includes the full Autobiography and 16 addtional pages of color photos.


An autobiography written poetically.

By Renee Visions Publishing House

Wide Open: A One Woman ShowBy Renee Visions Publishing House,

Renee Visions Publishing House

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New Haven’s Own’s Kelli Jones presented the signing of her first book titiled:

“Pulling Down Strong Holds” on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at Outreach Property Management.

What an inspiration, for our collective and individual journey’s of self expression, mental liberation, exercising of our intuitive muscle and just plain old , good times, for all time faith was on display.

Congrats Kelli and onward and upward….

To what extremes will some women go to in order to overpower a man’s vows and pull down his strong family bond? One man is about to find out that messing with the wrong one can cost him everything!

Former baller, Michael Christian’s deliberate and notorious lies catch up to him in the worst way, and because of his celebrity status, his private infidelities become a public point of destruction to his entire family, including his devoted wife, Simone, his innocent daughter, Heidi, and his troubled son, Hunter who is left to only dream of what family unity must be like.

Simone is a patient, praying woman, but when the reality of her husbands’s constant indiscretions combined with the gruesome discovery that her best friend, Rachael, has committed the ultimate no-no, Simone’s faith is tested to its breaking point.

Secrets, witchcraft, lust, deception, and the total disrespect for God and the sanctity of marriage make the perfect recipe for disaster, divorce…and death! http://www.facebook.com/ficklin


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